Information on new Pentax K7 leaks prior to official announcement

May 19, 2009

Information on new Pentax K7 leaks prior to official announcement

The official announcement date of the Pentax K7 is May 21, but that hasn’t stopped some intrepid Pentax fans from getting their hands on information and production units a wee bit early.

There are times you are sure that companies despise the rise in popularity of the Internet as a form of communication.  Even a decade ago you could have some information leak about a new product, and while a few people would learn the details, it wouldn’t spread with quite the speed it does today.  It makes it difficult for a company to make a big splash with a product announcement when everyone knows everything in advance, and that is exactly what appears to be happening with the new Pentax K7.

The first to really leak a ton of information, though it isn’t yet verifiable, was RiceHigh’s Pentax Blog which showed off numerous press quality photos along with the supposed specifications.  Some of the highlights, which all sound feasible, include:

  • PRIME (Pentax Real IMage Engine) II imaging engine for more accurate color and higher quality images
  • 14.6 megapixels
  • Video recording up to 720P HD
  • Hi-res JPEG image shooting at 5.2 frames per second for up to 40 frames; Standard-res JPEG shooting of 3.3 frames per second up to a filled memory card
  • 3.0″, 640 x 480 Standard VGA viewscreen
  • Integrated HDR mode

There is a whole lot more as this unit seems to just be packed with features.

As for someone getting their hands on a model, did get one, but at press time their website is unresponsive.  When, or if, their site comes back up, they do have quite a few images of the camera hands-on.

Although a ton of information about this camera has leaked out, the one thing missing thus far is the price.  Apparently that will be the only big surprise come the time of the announcement on May 21st.  Considering the number of features and tools this thing is sporting, it’s easy to imagine we’re talking the $1,000 range, but if the number is above or below that remains to be seen.

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