MagMyPic: Put your face on a magazine cover

October 16, 2008

Let’s face it, not all of us are cover-model material. Now everyone can be, with MagMyPic, a site designed to take your photographs and put them on the cover of fake magazines that you can share with friends or upload to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Creating your own magazine with MagMyPic is pretty simple, the whole process just takes a few minutes and the results are overall pretty decent looking given the amount of time you’re actually putting into the process. Here are the steps involved:

Upload Your Picture

The first step in creating a magazine cover is to upload a photograph. Any photograph you have on your computer will work with the program, but in magazine style, a photo more like a headshot will look better  once it hits the cover. You’ll also want to pick a photo where the subject is centered as much as possible so you can fit it within the magazine template.

Pick Your Cover

MagMyPic has around thirty different covers to choose from when creating your magazine cover. Cover designs range from your traditional Teen magazine cover to outdoor and sports themes. All of the magazine titles are fake, but they look very similar to popular magazines you see on the newsstand.

Arrange Your Picture

MagMyPic allows you to enlarge and shrink your picture so it looks the way you want it on the cover.  Pictures can also be moved around on the cover until you get them just where you want them.

Share With Friends

Once finished, you can save your picture to your computer, or get a code to embed it on MySpace, your LiveJournal, Blogger, or Facebook account as well as about a dozen others. You can also order a full size print of your magazine from the site as well for $9.95.

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